Burrito person!

Negative space.

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Time for some long distance cuddles. With ponies. That I drew at work and photographed with my shitty webcam. Why not? (Christina drew the cloud that Youpony is resting on.)

This is an “OH SHIT I haven’t posted anything on Moosecuddles in like two weeks better spend five minutes drawing lesbians being cute yes good” cuddle.

I redesigned Sleep Allday and Teasweet Stripes. Complaints will be accepted but not necessarily listened to and I definitely have ended up thinking you are a pegasus pony.

I still struggle with both our cutie marks.

the last time i was in this bed, you were here too

Been a while since there was something here. And this isn’t strictly a cuddle, But my resources are limited, so here’s a girl with her balloon.